Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattooing Sunshine Coast

Getting an Eyeliner tattoo with Signature Brows & Beauty in the Sunshine Coast will give you a boost of confidence. Having an eyeliner tattoo means never having to panic again with an eyeliner; you can just get up and go.

Cosmetic tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with more sophisticated techniques. Signature Brows & Beauty will give you the perfect eyeliner to look your best at all times.

Tattooed eyeliner gives your eyes depth … Brown eyes have become much more mysterious and sultry. Blue and green eyes get even more piercing! Your lashes look thicker, brighter and darker!

What does the Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo procedure look like?

We’re using the latest available tattoo machines that are incredibly accurate to give you that perfect look. Our procedures are safe and performed by specialists to give you the best possible experience of cosmetic tattooing.

In order to make the procedure as painless as possible, we use strong anaesthetics. You can rest easy knowing that we take all possible precautions at Signature Brows & Beauty to ensure a tattoo experience that is easy and completely safe.

Customise your Eyeliner

In order to customise your eyeliner tattoo to your specific preferences, we offer a variety of different looks. We can work with you on your eyeliner’s thickness and the shape you’d prefer.

Permanent eyeliner will make your eyes shine and make the colour of your eyes look more vivid. Whether you want to look natural or dramatic, Signature Brows & Beauty will give you your ideal eyeliner look.

Cosmetic Eyeliner aftercare

You should pay special attention to your eyes after your tattoo treatment. Avoid wearing make-up or applying products around your eyes until your eyes are healed completely. Keep in mind that as it heals, the original tattoo will appear very dark and fade.

Why waste time applying your eyeliner every morning and trying to get an even, perfect look. You can always have matching eyeliner with a permanent eyeliner tattoo that requires no extra time or effort when you get ready.

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo helps you feel confident all the time and look your best. Come to Signature Brows & Beauty in the Sunshine Coast and see how your look can be transformed by our cosmetic tattoo expert team!


  • Balances and Enhances your natural facial features
  • Gives You More Time in the Morning
  • Increases Self-Confidence
  • Keeps You Looking Younger
  • Makes You Look Your Best

All new cosmetic tattooing prices include a full consultation, initial design & cosmetic tattooing treatment, 4-6 week touch up, aftercare pack, complimentary brow tidy 6 week post touch up treatment. Please book a complimentary consultation first if you would like to discuss the best cosmetic tattoo option for you.

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