Cosmetic Tattooing

If you’re looking for a cosmetic tattoo service on the Sunshine Coast we can help. Whether you want to repair your brows or just revive and refresh your look, get in touch with us and book a consultation today.

Looking for Cosmetic Tattooing?

Signature Brows is a fast-growing cosmetic tattoo clinic on the Sunshine Coast and part of this exciting new movement in the health and beauty industry.

If you’re unhappy with the colour or fullness of your eyebrows, need something repaired or want to make your makeup semi-permanent get in touch with our cosmetic tattoo clinic on the Sunshine Coast today.

Also, lip tattoos can provide you with beautiful definition, reducing “lipstick bleed,”. Colored lip tattoos also help lip scars disappear and reduce the need for lipstick. After a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo, you can kiss your eyeliner pencil goodbye and feel confident with striking, defined eyes 24/7. We also do waxing and sugaring!

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Balances and Enhances your natural facial features


Cosmetic Tattoos Give You More Time in the Morning


Increases Self-Confidence


Keeps You Looking Younger


Cosmetic Tattoos Make You Look Your Best


Waxing and Sugaring Brows

Looking for Cosmetic Tattoo Sunshine Coast?

All new cosmetic tattooing prices include a full consultation, initial design & cosmetic tattooing treatment, 4-6 week touch up, aftercare pack, complimentary brow tidy, waxing and sugaring, 6 week post touch up treatment. Please book a complimentary consultation first if you would like to discuss the best cosmetic tattoo option for you. 

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A highly popular cosmetic tattooing technique for eyebrows. Microblading implants pigment in fine hair -like strokes under the skin. This is the most natural look of eyebrow tattooing and is great for people who want a subtle change to their eyebrows.

Not recommended for oily skin or dense brow hair.



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A cosmetic tattoo with a punch. Soft powdered brow is different to the ‘old school block brow.’ This technique gives the healed results of a soft eyebrow powder brushed through your brows. It is more defined and fuller than feathering but still looks soft and natural. We can customise this technique to suit you, either full powdered or combined and blended with feather strokes. Great for all skin types especially oily skin and people with dense brow hair.



cosmetic lip tattoo treatment


Changing the size and shape of your lips, as well as the colour , is easy with cosmetic tattooing. You can have a soft blended line giving more definition and fullness, or fill in the whole lips with either a natural looking colour to keep them simple, or a more vibrant colour to give a lipstick effect.

There are many colours to choose from but please be aware that even the lightest most natural healed colours will start off looking darker/brighter as you loose approx. 50% of colour during the healing process.


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Tattooed eyeliner gives depth to your eyes, brown eyes become more sultry, mysterious, blue and green eyes , become more piercing, the lashes appear thicker, lusher, darker! This is one of our most popular cosmetic tattooing techniques. There are many different options with eyeliner tattoo. You can keep it thin & natural or thick and winged.

The choice is yours! Lash enhancement is a subtle, natural way of tattooing pigment in between the rows of eyelashes, making your lash line look darker and thicker.

TOP EYELINER – from $395


COMBO – from $600

ADD WING – $50



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This cosmetic tattooing method utilises traditional tattoo equipment that is commonly used to introduce ink to the deep layers of the skin. Instead of ink, the saline method injects a saline solution into the skin. 

By Introducing a high concentration of salt water into the dermis where the pigment is it creates the process of Osmosis. Because water in the cells beneath the pigment contains lower amounts of salt, this water will rise to the area containing higher concentrations of salt. This forces the pigment from the dermal layer up to the epidermis (outer layer of skin). The pigment becomes trapped in the scab and when the scabs falls off some of the pigment goes with it.

This is an extremely successful method for removing all Cosmetic Tattoos and small body tattoos. Less chance of scarring and damage to the skin. This technique can take several sessions depending on the ink used, depth implanted the clients skin & healing process. Please book in for a complimentary consultation first so we can assess the tattoo to be lightened.


Cosmetic Tattoo Pre & Post Procedure

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If you are thinking about Cosmetic Tattooing, you are making an investment in yourself. We are confident this procedure will put a pep in your step and make you feel great about yourself. Before we begin, we want to help you understand what to expect and we want to make sure you get great results, which requires that you follow appropriate pre- and post-care instructions.

Below is some information on Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures along with Pre and Post- care advice for you to read thoroughly before your appointment. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on Face book or at the salon.

ALL COSMETIC TATTOOING PROCEDURES ARE MULTI SESSION PROCESSES and will require a touch up after 6-8 weeks. This appointment is included in the initial price as long as it is performed within the 2 months of the initial application. Failure to do so will occur in an extra charge. If you book your touch up appointment and fail to show or cancel within 48 (business hours), you will be charged $50 to reschedule your appointment. Some individuals may require more than one touch up to get desired results.

BE PREPARED FOR THE COLOUR INTENSITY AFTER YOUR PROCEDURE TO BE SIGNIFICANTLY DARKER AND MORE PROMINENT than what is expected until your skin heals. It takes roughly 7-10 days for the outer layer of your skin to heal over, after this period you will notice the colour will soften and you may lose approximately 30-50% of colour. At your touch up the practitioner is then able to correctly assess the colour and make any adjustments required. We can also look at waxing and sugaring as well.


      • Any waxing or tinting should be done at least 48hrs prior to procedure.
      • Please don’t wear heavy makeup to your appointment. The technician will need to remove the makeup around your eye area. This way the technician can determine your true skin colour and undertones, this is vital for us to choose the right colour. You will receive a complimentary eye mask during your treatment and we can apply any make up at the end of the treatment
      • Do not tan two weeks prior or have sunburned face
      • Do not have any type of facial/peel 2 weeks prior to treatment
      • Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products one month prior to treatment
      • Do not work out the day of the procedure.
      • Do not have botox/filler 3 weeks prior
      • Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior (natural blood thinners)
      • Please be aware that having a procedure done while on your menstrual cycle can make you hypersensitive.

In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor colour deposit:

      • Do not drink alcohol 24 – 48 hours before your tattoo
      • Do not consume coffee before your procedure
      • Do not take an aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief (this thins the blood)


Eye and Lip Procedures:

      • No mascara or eyelash extensions are to be worn with any eyeliner treatments. Extensions can not be applied until after the healing process is complete.
      • Since the delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel it is best not to make any social plans after the procedure. Please keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to these procedures.
      • Do not wear contact lenses during or immediately following the eyeliner procedure. Remember to bring your glasses. You may resume wearing contact lenses as soon as your eyes return to their pre-tattooed condition
      • If you are having lip procedures and have a history of Cold Sores/fever blisters/herpes simplex, you will be required to obtain the proper antiviral tablets by a prescription or over the counter to prevent an outbreak. (Take Lysine 5 days before your treatment, take a double dose on the day of and the day after treatment, then continue normal dosage for another 5 days). If tablets are not taken you can be at high risk of a break out, this will cause tattoo pigment to fall out in areas of sores.
cosmetic tattoo lips treatment


Do not expose your healing skin to direct sun, wind, tanning beds, hot water, saunas, salt water, pool water for at least 7-10 days following the procedure.

      • Do not use any soaps, cleansers or moisturizers or makeup in the pigmented area until it is completely healed. You may continue to use these products on the rest of your face but make sure you are careful to apply around the treated area.
      • Do not touch, rub or traumatize the pigments area. Do not pick, peel or scratch your healing skin as you may cause uneven healing of pigment, or you may risk infection or scarring.
      • You will be instructed to use an antiseptic aftercare cream for 7-10 days while the treated area is healing, this will help the skin stay moist to ensure the treated area heals well, and helps prevent any infection
      • Please keep the area from getting wet during the first week of healing as this can affect result.


Any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Facebook: Signature Brows & Beauty

Cosmetic Tattoo Sunshine Coast

What are feather touch brows?

Feather-touch brows involves a process using a metal hand-tool with a cluster of fine needles, which is used to implant pigment into the skin to create life-like hair strokes and natural-looking eyebrows.

Compared to a tattoo gun this technique is a more delicate process allowing us to create finer strokes to blend in with your hair. Feathering is not the best technique for people with oily skin (as feather strokes tend to fade quicker on people with this skin type) or older ladies with thin skin/fine lines or wrinkles through their eyebrows (as the strokes can blur under the skin).

What are Ombre Brows?
Ombre brows use a traditional tattoo gun which is used to shade in the eyebrows. This technique starts off stronger and more defined when the tattoo is fresh but heals to leave a soft powder finish (looking like you have brushed an eyebrow powder through your brows). This technique is great for all skin types, especially people with oily skin or older ladies with thin skin/fine lines or wrinkles through their eyebrows.
What will they look like immediately after?
You may experience slight swelling and/or redness for 1-2 days and exfoliation for 4-6 days following the procedure. After your treatment the colour may appear darker for approximately 7-10 days. During this period the pigment intensity will fade significantly. After four weeks the pigment can continue to fade up to 40% This is considered an extremely positive occurrence, as it allows you time to reflect on your new shape and colour. After 4-6 weeks a touch-up treatment is performed and at this point any changes you would like to make are discussed. After your touch-up treatment the pigment will once again fade, but to a much lesser degree.
How long do they last?
The longevity of colour in the skin cannot always be predicted. Some skins hold colour longer and stronger than others, while others fade leaving a light residue in the skin. Pigment may fade or change according to metabolism, lifestyle, skin type, medications, age, smoking, alcohol and sun exposure. A touch-up of colour is recommended approximately every 6-18 months with feathering and 2-5years with Ombre / Eyeliner & Lips to keep the pigment looking its best. As every individual is different you may need to come back sooner for a touch up treatment. Feather touch brows usually don’t last as long as Ombre brows as there is not as much pigment implanted into the skin.
What does a touch up treatment involve?
Cosmetic Tattooing is a two-part process and is necessary to have your touch up appointment to perfect your tattoo. A touch-up appointment is recommended after 4-6 weeks of your initial appointment. Colour retention varies depending on the individual and client compliance of home care instructions. Some people can have a resistant skin type where the ink doesn’t like to take. On rare occasions you may need more than one touch up if you are one of the few that fall into this category.
What colours can I choose from?
We have a large range of colours to choose from and can also blend colours together to create a customised colour for you. We will look at your hair colour, skin colour and undertone to determine which colour will best suit you. If you are unsure on colours it is always better to start off with a lighter/more natural colour. Once you have become used to your new brows, at your touch up appointment we can darken up the colour to suit.
Is it a safe procedure?
Yes, very. The cosmetic tattoo machine is one of the most hygienic available, a small pen like device that uses completely disposable parts. All needles, tubes, caps, sleeves – anything that comes into contact with clients are brand new and sealed prior to your treatment. The salon is clean, hygienic and compliant with all regulations for skin penetration.
Could I have a reaction to the pigment?
Allergic reactions are extremely rare. The pigment brands used are trusted USA made brands that have been on the market for decades. The pigments contain iron-oxide that is already present in the human body so is highly unlikely to cause a reaction. We don’t usually offer a patch test as they can be rather ineffective. An allergic reaction can either show after 2 weeks or sometimes 5-10 years later. If you are concerned or a highly allergic individual a patch test may be arranged upon request.
Can the tattoo be removed if I change my mind?
Cosmetic tattoo pigments are now designed to be semi permanent so they don’t last forever. Most people will find their tattoo will fade in 2-5 years. There are treatments that can be performed that can help to fade the pigment quicker, but if you end up wanting your tattoo completely removed we recommend our non-laser saline removal technique. If you are unsure whether this is something you will want in 2-3 years time we recommend to go with something lighter and more natural looking to start with.
Will I be able to return back to work the next day?
Most clients will show little sign of swelling or redness after their treatment. The colour can be quite dark for the first week but will soften and lighten during the healing process. Lip treatments can experience moderate swelling and bruising and the colour will look strong for the first week. With Lip tattoos it is recommended taking minimum 3-4 days off work. It is only with the full lip treatment that swelling can last for up to 72 hours and the lips will become extremely dry. Some mature age clients may experience very sore and rough lips for approximately 7 days.
What factors will affect permanent makeup?

There are many different factors that can affect cosmetic tattooing.

Ø How long you spend in the sun. The sun fades the pigment faster so sun block may be used to prolong your enhancement.

Ø The regeneration of skin cells – the longer the regeneration takes the longer the pigment holds.

Ø The speed at which the skin absorbs the pigment – the slower the absorption the longer the pigment will hold.

Ø The choice of colour – light colours fade quicker than darker colours

Ø Oily skin tends to lose colour more quickly than other skin types

Ø Metabolism, skin products, deficiencies, lifestyles and age all take part in the healing process.