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Brow Sculpt With Signature Brows & Beauty

Enjoy Beautifully Sculpted Brows

Do you love the look of perfectly shaped and groomed brows achieved by cosmetic tattooing services such as microblading, but are not ready for the commitment? We have the solution for you – brow sculpting!

Achieve gorgeous, instantaneous results with a comprehensive brow makeover! Our highly trained team of experts are ready and equipped to help you achieve the perfect eyebrow look. 

Brow Sculpt


Brow Lamination


Brow Dye With Sculpt & Henna


Non-Surgical Eyebrow Sculpting

What Is Brow Sculpting?

Eyebrow sculpting is an art that utilises a combination of alignment, rebalancing and setting techniques that leave you with gorgeously defined and symmetrical brows. It is a great alternative to semi-permanent makeup tattoos such as microblading and ombre eyebrows.

Eyebrow sculpting requires thoughtful consideration and meticulous planning to create the best shape for each individual client. 

Several steps are typically included in a sculpt, including measuring, trimming, waxing and tweezing. this is to tame unruly hairs and remove excess hairs for a clean and sleek finish that lasts up to 4 weeks.

The New Way To Shape Your Eyebrows

What Are The Benefits of Brow Sculpting?

For anyone who has spent hours taming, shaping and filling in their brows knows the confidence boost a well-shaped arch provides. 

In addition to this, there are a number of benefits of a professional eyebrow shape and sculpt, including:

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Looking For Gorgeously Sculpted Brows?

Results You Can Trust

Our team of master tattooists are specially trained to help you achieve the best results. Using a combination of the latest sculpting techniques and salon-quality products, you are sure to leave every appointment smiling. Using your face as a guide, we can achieve a perfectly balanced shape that only works to enhance your natural beauty.

Your sculpt is performed by one of our passionate therapists and includes your style consultation, wax, alignment and trim. With years of experience under our belts, we are also able to give you the best advice for at-home maintenance and can guide you through styling and filling in your brows, post-treatment.

Are you ready to enjoy low-maintenance, gorgeous looking brows? Book you appointment today!

Your Eyebrow Experts

Enjoy Brow Perfection

Finally booking your appointment can be exciting and we are sure you will love the end result as much as we do. But to achieve the perfect brow, we always recommend you follow the relevant pre and post-care instructions.

It may be tempting to pluck and trim your brows before your appointment. However, leave it to the professionals! The more natural your brow the better, as this will help us achieve the perfect shape.

Similarly, we do not recommend you pluck your brows after and in between treatments. Avoid touching the treated area as this may disrupt the shape and work done. 


Need To Know More?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about our eyebrow lift procedures! Missed something? Contact us on Facebook or give us a call!

Yes. A consultation is recommended, so we can discuss your desired look and beauty needs. 

We allow 60 minutes depending on the treatment, as we utilize several tinting, shaping and hair removal techniques to achieve the best results.

No. There are no extension or cosmetic tattooing techniques involved in your lamination or tinting treatment. This treatment uses your own hairs to achieve a fuller, bolder look.

Yes! these treatments are completely safe and performed by trained professionals.

No, these techniqes are not permanent and will require touch up appointments to maintain their shape and colour.

Signature Brows and Beauty


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